PhD student

Gabriella Buscemi received her Master’s Degree in Molecular System Chemistry at the University of Palermo in 2017 dealing with the development of nanostructured systems based on aluminosilicate clay mineral, with application in both catalysis and drug-delivery systems using  also hybrid hydrogel. She also worked on a fellowship within the European project H2020-ReWaCEM on treatment of pickling liquor from a galvanization industry. Currently she is working at the University of Bari as Ph.D student in Chemical and Molecular Sciences in the group of Professor G. M. Farinola and Dr. M. Trotta, financed by the European project H2020-HyPhOE. Her research activity focuses on the development of hybrid electronic systems based on photosynthetic organism. Particular interest is given in the optimizations of electrode interface with tunable conductive polymers to enhance energy extraction, using as photoactive components photosynthetic bacteria, proteins and algae.