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Danilo Vona received a Bachelor Degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in Bari (south of Italy), then a Master in Medical Biotechnology.  He spent his Ph.D. position period in the Organic Chemistry Labs in Bari (Prof. G. M. Farinola), reaching experience in organic semiconductors synthesis and in biosilica extraction from diatoms microalgae: the production of new generation biosilica-based materials for optics and tissue engineering was the main topic of his research activity. After foreign scientific experiences (Poland, Austria, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland) he was involved in a collaboration with IRM/ISM in Bordeaux for 4 months, with Prof. M. Blanchard-Desce. He worked on new biosilica-based systems for Photodynamic Therapy. His PostDoc position is about organic synthesis of fatty acids acting as molecular signalling for Xylella fastidiosa, into a coordinated European project XF-ACTORS.  He made part of a project on new generation silk-based opals in Tufts university, in Boston, with Professor Omenetto in his Silk Lab.  He specialized in interfacing biological components with inorganic and organic functional materials, in the frame of the European project on Hybrid Electronics Based on Photosynthetic Organisms (HyPhOE, FET-OPEN-01-2016-2017). Actually he is in charge of the project “Algambiente” (POR Puglia FESR FSE 2014-2020 REFIN - Research for Innovation), regarding bioremediation of marine ecosystem using living microorganisms.

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