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Associate Professor

Maria Annunziata Marcella Capozzi studied Chemistry at the University of Bari and received the “Laurea” in 1999 with the Thesis: “enantioselective oxidation of (arylthio)- or (alkylthio)-methylphosphonates as a route to enantiomeric pure solfoxides” working with Prof. F. Naso. In 2003 she received her PhD in Chemical Sciences. In November 2001 she moved to the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Foggia as assistant professor of Organic Chemistry. In the academic years 2002-2011 she taught “Organic Chemistry” and “Food Organic Chemistry” at the Faculty of Agriculture in University of Foggia. In January 2012 she assumed her present position of Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry, University of Bari. From the academic year 2012 at present she teaches “Organic Chemistry” and ”Applied Organic Chemistry” at Biotechnology Faculty at the University of Bari. From academic year 2006 at 2015 she was a member boarding of PhD School “ Food Quality and Human Nutrition” at the University of Foggia. At present, she is a member of PhD School “Industria 4.0 “(UniBa- PoliBa).
She began, in 1999, working on the asymmetric synthesis of sulfoxides. Her current primary research interests focus on synthetic organic chemistry and mechanistic aspects of organic chemistry reactions. In particular, she works on new synthetic methodologies for the preparation, by asymmetric synthesis, enantioselective catalysis and organometallic chemistry, of biologically active molecules. Recently she has approached the study of new organic photoactive molecules (croconaines and squaraines) and to the new sustainable synthetic methodologies. She is co-author of 40 papers, hindex18.

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