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Giorgio Rizzo received his Master’s Degree in Molecular System Chemistry at the University of Palermo in 2017 dealing with natural products, optimizing the extraction and identification procedure of scopolamine and other tropane alkaloids directly from vegetal sources used in pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, a controlled drug-release system of bioactive tropane alkaloids with pH-responsive cyclodextrin-calixarene copolymers has been developed. He received the PhD at the University of Bari with a project in Chemistry in the group of Professor G. M. Farinola. Currently he is a Post-Doc and his research activity focuses on chemical-physical modification of biopolymers for high tech applications, with particular interest in silk fibroin extracted from Bombyx mori cocoons, developing bioinspired derivatives in the field of superhydrophobic materials, lanthanide doped fibers and in the field of supported catalysis.

Giorgio is also a science communicator, publishing articles in the Chemistry issue at Sapere Scienza, the most read non-sectorial scientific Italian journal.

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